Fr. Robert Mathias

Scope of Technology is well presented by Vikram. I am planning to have network built to bring in more NGOs for ongoing training with latest technology. ASHA has limited staff in the project, but some could still be used for better reporting.

Fr. Robert Mathias - Director, ASHA

Fr. Thadeus Kujur

It was a very informative as well as interesting meeting with Vikram on his visit to Child Friendly Guwahati. The sessions on new software “MyCLIP” was a new and helpful idea for our organization. The training provided for website was very smooth, easy and Vikram was very patient with us. We wish you all the happiness in life and thank you very much for your support.

Fr. Thadeus Kujur - Director, Child Friendly Guwahati

Fr. Thomas John SDB

We appreciate very much your visit and your enlightening sessions and inputs and new openings into the world of technology. We are grateful for sponsoring our website and for training our staff to take it forward. We are happy that you came forward with the idea of having a slot in the website for donations in kind and possibly also cash donations. In your interactions with us, you have informed us about the endless possibilities using information technology. Thank you so much for all the help and suggestions and about the way forward and your eagerness to help. God bless you and your family. Keep it up.

Fr. Thomas John SDB - Administrator, Snehalaya

Hejang Misao

The interaction that we had and the suggestion for self sustainability was very meaningful and impactful. The following day we sit together and had indepth discussion on the issue and come up with some kind of action plan for self sustainability. We are very thankful for your friendly and open approach. We are also highly grateful for fulfilling our long desire to have own website. Now the ball lies in our court to make it the best website 🙂 Thank you and God bless.

Hejang Misao - Director, InSIDE - North East

Bro. George Fernandez

I feel that Mr. Vikram’s session was very useful in the field of developmental sector. I hope he may carry forward the good work in the coming days too. I wish him all the very best.

Bro. George Fernandez - JUST

Dharani Payeng

It was good meeting with Vikram. We would like to explore varied techniques/applications for updating MIS.

Dharani Payeng - IGSSS

Joysing T

WordPress workshop conducted by BBNet is a very interactive and inspiring. It will help me to collaborate social work with technology in line with Digital India. BBNet is a good initiative and it is giving platform for the youth who are working in the field of social development for the betterment of the nation. BBNet is helping us to understand modern technological development for the proper functioning in our field of work. I sincerely thank Mr. H Vikram Arora for taking up such initiative and sharing about his work and experience and conducting such training workshops.

Joysing T - MSW Student