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WPS office is one of the widely used office software for PC and mobiles. There had been a time when there were issues with the versions or document file types. The computers couldn’t open if they were not from the same software. But time have changed. WPS Office 2016 is one such office productivity suite which is also compatible with MS Office, and is known for its customizable interface, and other unique features. The WPS Office suite is available for Windows and Linux-based PCs as well as Android and iOS. WPS Office Software is a subsidiary of Kingsoft Corporation, China’s leading Internet services and Software Company.

The suite does everything you could possibly want from an easy-to-use, easy-to-install free edition. It includes the three major office tools: a word processor, a spreadsheet maker, and a presentation maker including other regular features like spell check, easy paragraph adjustment tools, and a document-to-PDF converter, it also packs an international punch: one-click language control. It has got positive reviews in popular magazines like Laptop Magazine, where the editor praised the office productivity suite for its compatibility with MS Office, its customizable interface, and other unique features. In the review, Laptop noted that “WPS Office does an excellent job of fulfilling its promise to be as much like Microsoft Office as possible while costing less and providing a few more neat features”.

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