Smartwatches: Our new Friend

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Imagine yourself having a cup of tea and your watch pops up saying you have consumed 80 calories. Yes it is true, Technology have advanced to such an extent that even watches can keep a track of what we are consuming, how much calories are we burning, what is our heart rate and so on alongwith timekeeping.

We are in the era of smartwatches. With such a technology at the wrist of our hand, we can even sync our mobiles to it and make as well as receive calls without even taking out our phones from our pockets. It supports wireless technologies like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Not going to the technical specifications of a smartwatch, what I want to highlight from this write up is that we are being owerpowered by technology in all aspects of our life. But we should not let technology overpower us rather than just empowering us. It should not happen that we are in the grip of technology and even our food habits or physical exercise is also being controlled by it. We should use this technology to equip ourselves but should not let them overpower us.

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Meghna Bharadwaj (MSW, M.Mus) is currently working in the education department of Assam. She loves to write about Technology and Social Work. She is interested in helping organisations to collaborate effectively and efficiently with use of modern technology and internet connected systems. She is a national level Badminton player and has also participated in many national seminars.

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