BBNet Ambassador Program


BBNet is a social project started by Bestlife Professional Education Private Limited together with Youth Empowering Space – Bosco Institute, Jorhat to create awareness about the use of technology in social work. We are working closely with social organisations to improve and enhance the project outcomes by use of efficient technology.

The Objective

The objective of BBNet is to empower human service professionals and organisations by offering no / low cost technology and training solutions for their projects.

The Opportunity

There are very few vendors catering to the need of technology solutions for NGO’s and other social organisations. There is a huge scope for online training of social work management in the Indian market due to exponential growth in the number of NGO’s and social organisations in the past few years. Internet connectivity has improved and people have started accepting online education as an effective way to train themselves. A participant has to start his computer and get connected to internet in order to attend an online session. BBNet plan to offer solutions for cloud software, website development, digitisation, online training, workshop management etc. In order to implement our programmes and services effectively, we need to build a team of associates who can translate our vision and mission into reality. We are collaborating with human services professionals and organisations to build a strong value network and reach more and more people.

The Solution

We invite young and experienced social professionals to be a part of this technology movement and help us to create awareness about use of technology and internet connected systems in social work. This program is called BBNet Ambassador Program and it is open to all. To be a part of BBNet Ambassador Program, you need to apply in the prescribed format on our website

Responsibilities of BBNet Ambassador

The BBNet Ambassador are responsible to work with us in the following areas:
1. Development: By development, we mean technical solution development. We offer customized solution development for social organisations. This could be a website or cloud based application to help them achieve their objectives. Some of the solutions that we have developed include cloud based social management software called MyCLIP, Learning Management System called GyanKiran, responsive websites where our clients can interact with their customers. The idea of solution development is to automate a task with the help of technology. We strive to offer these solutions at a nominal cost. As an Ambassador, you can help us to promote the software / website development and also learn about the role of technology in this process.
2. Consulting: We provide consulting and digitisation services to social organisations. We help them to take informed decisions about implementing new technology like investing in a new software. We conduct cost – benefit analysis of technical services offered by other vendors and help the social organisations to choose if they should invest in such services. We transform regular training curriculum to digital format, provide technical infrastructure and training to the teaching staff. As an Ambassador, you can promote these activities in your region, and help us reach more clients and touch more lives.
3. Training: We conduct various training programmes to promote use of technology in social work. These programmes are offered through workshops and online training modules. We also organise training for other freelance trainers on various topics such as Advocacy, Project Management, Soft Skills etc. As an Ambassador, you can promote the training programmes in the city / organisations where you are working. You need to provide the logistic support like arranging training room, training material etc. You need to also ensure minimum participation and conduct marketing activities to promote the training event.

List of Products and Services

  • Website and Cloud Based Software Development
  • Data Collection and Analysis
  • Digitisation and Technical consulting
  • Technical Workshops and Online Training
  • Training Workshop Management

Benefits and Payments

Ambassadors are entitled to receive 15% to 35% of the revenue collected by BBNet for various services. E.g., If the Ambassador has helped us to organise a training program for which participants have paid total fee of 50,000, then he / she is entitled for 15000 @30%. Payments are settled on 15th of every month. This calculation is only for a quick understanding. Actual percentage of revenue may vary and depend upon the nature of service / work involved.

Growth Opportunities

There are several growth opportunities within the network. Ambassadors are groomed and trained to conduct training programmes and offer services after experience in the field. All the growth opportunities would be shared with ambassadors and they are given first preference to choose.
To know more about BBNet Ambassador Program, please contact Fr. Jerry Thomas SDB at or H Vikram Arora at

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