BBNet is a social project started by Bestlife Professional Education Private Limited together with Youth Empowering Space – Bosco Institute, Jorhat to create awareness about the use of technology in social work. We are working closely with social organisations to improve and enhance the project outcomes by use of efficient technology.

Mission: Empower human service professionals to make efficient use of technology through training, consulting and internet connected systems.
Vision: To innovate, optimize and transform the social development interventions through modern technology.

Do good while you still have time.

Don Bosco (Quote #524, Jan. 05, 2011, Cat: Perseverance)

The objective of BBNet is to empower human service professionals and organisations by offering no cost technology solutions for their projects. BBNet offers the following technology solutions at low / no cost to empower the social organisations:
  • Content Management System (CMS) / website and domain
  • Emails @ organisation domain
  • Technical support and consulting
  • Online training for use of technology
  • Technical training seminars and workshops
  • Cloud based software
Fr. Jerry Thomas

Fr. Jerry Thomas

Director, Bosco Institute, Jorhat

H Vikram Arora

H Vikram Arora

Director, Bestlife Professional Education Private Ltd.