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Smartwatches: Our new Friend
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Imagine yourself having a cup of tea and your watch pops up saying you have consumed 80 calories. Yes it is true, Technology have advanced to such an extent that even watches can... Read More

Technology and the Northeast, India
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Why Technology still remains a dream for many in the Northeast region when the initiative for establishing a Science and Technology institute dates back to 1979. This is perhaps a very intimating question... Read More

WPS Office : All in one office tools
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WPS office is one of the widely used office software for PC and mobiles. There had been a time when there were issues with the versions or document file types. The computers couldn’t... Read More

Data Science and the 21st Century
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What is Data Science according to you? For many of you, you can relive your first swimming class, so much of water and you feel drowned. Yes, today, we live in a data... Read More

Use of Technology in Social Work

We asked people in the field about their views on use of technology in social work. Some of the videos are here.

Dr. Barbara Preitler
Psychotherapist, Trauma Counselor
Hemayat, Vienna

Fr. Jerry Thomas
Director, Bosco Institute
Jorhat, India

Dr. Lukose Jacob
Professor, Dept of Social Work
Don Bosco University, Guwahati

Mr. Wanphai Nongrum
Artist, Teacher and Social Worker
Shillong, India

BBNet Website Development

Website Development

A good website is essential for every enterprise these days. It can help you to connect with individuals and organisations who share same vision as yours. It is a cost effective way to reach many people at once. It is important you hire professionals to get an effective website. We provide mobile responsive website which complies to modern web design standard. We train your staff to manage the website on their own and reduce the dependency on the third party to manage your website. This reduces unnecessary followups and chasing vendors to update the website of your organisation.

BBNet Cloud Software

Cloud Software Development

Cloud based software can help you reduce the TAT (turn around time) for a social process. It can save dual entry of data and help your teams to be more effective and efficient. It is possible to customize the user experience using a cloud based solution. It helps to transform business processes at a fraction of the cost of a traditional system.

BBNet Data Collection

Data Collection Services

BBNet help your organisation to measure the outcome using advanced data collection tools. We can design and develop modern processes to collect and analyse data for your work. It is possible to collect data in the remote areas without using internet. Please get in touch with us to know more.

BBNet Communication Services

Communication Services

Communication is an important aspect of businesses. BBnet can help you to setup robust communication system to manage your teams more efficiently. We can build hybrid systems using which you can communicate with your teams on all the devices and platforms using a unified system.

Create Information and Communications Technology capacity in your Organisation